Accepted/Invited Talks

March 31, 2018

Prof. Chandrasekaran gave an HPC featured talk at the yearly GPU Technology Conference (GTC), San Jose, CA, 2018 on Adapting Minisweep, a Proxy Application, on Heterogeneous Systems Using OpenACC Directives based on work done by her PhD student Robert Searles. This is work in collaboration with Dr. Oscar Hernandez and Dr. Wayne Joubert at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). The talk highlighted programming challenges and its corresponding solutions using OpenACC, for porting a wavefront based miniapplication for Denovo, which is a production code for nuclear reactor modeling. Our OpenACC implementation running on NVIDIA’s next-generation Volta GPU boasts a 85.06x speedup over serial code, which is larger than CUDA’s 83.72x speedup over the same serial implementation. For more information, check out the UDaily article about this work:

Prof. Chandrasekaran ran an invited minisymposium and gave a talk at the SIAM PP conference held in Tokyo, Japan, 2018. The minisymposium was on Productive Programming using Parallel Models, Tools and Scientific Workflows. Her talk was on “Achieving Performance While Preserving Portability for NGS Application” based on work done by her PhD student Sanhu Li. This talk describes a modularized DNA sequence alignment tool that is created to produce a fast, accurate, reliable, reproducible and portable tool for the biologists to use.

Prof. Chandrasekaran will be giving an invited talk on “HPC-as-a-service to Domain Scientists” at one of the minisymposiums in the Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing (PASC) conference in July, Basel, Switzerland.

At PASC, she will also be running a minisymposium on Scientific Computing in Times of MPI+X: Looking at Multiple “X” with Regards to Performance and Portability.