CRPL Lab members - Summer Internships

July 30, 2018

We have been busy this summer!!

  • Eric Wright spent a month at National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR, Boulder, Colorado) working with researchers on our new collaborative project.
  • Maurico Ferrato interned at the National Cancer Institute (NCI, Bethesda, Maryland) working with researchers on ECP CANDLE Deep Learning Project.
  • Jose Monsalve Diaz has been spening his time with our collaborators in Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) and is working on ECP SOLLVE project that is about building the validation and verification testsuite for OpenMP 4.5
  • Collin Clark joined the Computer Science Intern Program (CSIP), which is an intense and exciting 12-week immersive internship open to select college undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Computer Science or closely related disciplines. Interns are assigned to projects that contribute to NSA’s mission
  • Dan Goodman has been with Unisys doing a 6 month coop. His role includes designing and implementing the local credential storage, fixing UI bugs on their Stealth(Aware) product, writing functionality to store encrypted credentials in the app’s database, and then storing the key for those credentials in the host OSes keychain.