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  • Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to come work with us! CHECK OUT THE JOB DETAILS
  • We are vetting applications currently for Research Software Engineer/Postdoctoral Fellow/Software Developer position to work on open source projects and supercomputers including the first ever fastest (exascale level) supercomputer in the world - FRONTIER! Position open until filled. HURRY! The position is funded by the DOE.

Summer 2022 Highlights -> Where will the CRPL students be this summer?

  • Fabian Mora - NVIDIA
  • Mauricio Ferrato - NVIDIA
  • Vineeth Gutta - Pacific Northwest National Lab
  • Eric Wright - Argonne National Lab
  • Kristina Holsapple - MIT - Healthy ML Group of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)

January 2022 Highlights

  • YAY!!! Kristina Holsapple selected as Adobe Women-in-Technology Scholar 2022 scholar
  • Paper to CCGrid 2022 ACCEPTED!!!! Authors include former CRPL undergraduate researcher Miguel Zavala, who is now with AMD and Sunita Chandrasekaranand and several other academic members from SPEC HPG
  • Matthew Leinhauser, our PhD student’s paper on “Metrics and Design of an Instruction Roofline Model for AMD GPUs” accepted and published at ACM TOPC, 2022 !!!! [Check out our publication] https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/3505285
  • CRPL adds more members to the ECP SOLLVE project, Nikhil Rao, pursuing Masters in ECE, and junior undergraduate students Kristina Holsapple, Jaydon Reap and Michael Carr join


CRPL Virtual Webinar series

This series included David Donofrio/John Leidel from Tactical Computing Labs, Florina Ciorba from UBasel, Ronnie Chatterjee from LBNL, Ian Cosden from Princeton, Catherine Schuman from ORNL, Mehrzad Samadi from NVIDIA, Stephen Lecler Olivier from Sandia National Labs, Douglas White from Oceanic, Fernanda Foertter from Next Silicon,

Fall 2021 Highlights

  • Our lab GREW and we had to move out of the Computer Science Building. We are now at 111 S. Main Street, Newark, DE, 19716
  • Aaron Jarmusch and Nolan Baker present their posters at the SC21 Undergraduate Research Poster program
  • Eric Wright, our PhD student’s paper on “Refactoring the MPS/University of Chicago Radiative MHD (MURaM) model for GPU/CPU performance portability using OpenACC directives” Check out the full publication

NEW grants and awards

  • Eric Wright, Mauricio Ferrato, Sanhu Li, Vineeth Gutta, Matthew Leinhauser won the CIS Distinguished Graduate Student Award
  • Sunita Chandrasekaran chosen by the DOE to lead the Exascale Computing Project SOLLVE https://www.exascaleproject.org/research-project/sollve/
  • Sunita Chandrasekaran has a new appointment - Computational Scientist at the Brookhaven National Laboratory