OpenMP Validation and Verification Testsuite

January 1, 0001

OpenMP VV: A Testsuite to Validate and Verify OpenMP Features which is apart of the ECP SOLLVE project

PI: Sunita Chandrasekaran
Current Students Thomas Huber, Nolan Baker, Kristina Holsapple, Jaydon Reap, Michael Carr Past Students: Jose Manuel Monsalve Diaz, Joshua Davis
Collaborators: ​ * Oak Ridge National Lab (OLCF): Swaroop Pophale, David Bernholdt ​ Funding Agency: Department of Energy (Exascale Computing Project - SOLLVE) ​ Project Summary: ​ This projects aims to provide the OpenMP community, hardware vendors, and National Lab collaborators with an up-to-date OpenMP Validation and Verification test suite that aims to evaluate usability of various compilers that support the OpenMP specification. Every few years, the OpenMP ARB releases new versions of the specifcation. When this happens, there are a handful of new features (constructs, directives, clauses) that are added to the language. ​ By creating tests for these new features as they are introduced, we are able to aid hardware vendors in the development of their implemenation, catch and report bugs for various compiler vendors, and create test cases for features in cases where no other test cases may exist. ​ Website: ​ *Diaz J.M., Pophale S., Hernandez O., Bernholdt D.E., Chandrasekaran S. (2018) OpenMP 4.5 Validation and Verification Suite for Device Offload. In: de Supinski B., Valero-Lara P., Martorell X., Mateo Bellido S., Labarta J. (eds) Evolving OpenMP for Evolving Architectures. IWOMP 2018. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11128. Springer, Cham. ​ Jose Monsalve Diaz, Swaroop Pophale, Kyle Friedline, Oscar Hernandez, David E. Bernholdt, and Sunita Chandrasekaran. 2018. Evaluating Support for OpenMP Offload Features. In Proceedings of the 47th International Conference on Parallel Processing Companion (ICPP ‘18). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, Article 31, 1–10. DOI: ​ Jose Monsalve Diaz, Kyle Friedline, Swaroop Pophale, Oscar Hernandez, David E. Bernholdt, Sunita Chandrasekaran, Analysis of OpenMP 4.5 Offloading in Implementations: Correctness and Overhead, Parallel Computing, Volume 89, 2019, 102546, ISSN 0167-8191, *Posters and Talks * Aaron Jarmusch, Nolan Baker, Sunita Chandrasekaran, “Using IU Jetstream for OpenMP offloading and OpenACC testsuites”,