Contributing to this project

Got an idea for a test?

We are opened to test suggestions. We appreciate pull requests in github with the respective test or intended change to our infrastructure. Any contributions are welcome. Please follow this example on how to fork our repository into your account, and then create a pull request. For more information on forks, go to the github documentation Forking a repository. If you have little time, you can also create a ticket in our issue tracking system. For more detailed instructions on how to contribute, read the following information.

Found a bug or have a comment?

You can also comment on any of our pull requests for tests that are under development. Please make sure that you are logged into github with your username. All our communication channels are open for suggestions. We encourage people’s participation. The success of this test suite comes from the effort of the OpenMP community.


Before writing any test, please follow our coding standards, and get familiarized with our ompvv.h header file.

Forking the Github repository.

Follow these steps:

  1. Login into
  2. Go to our github repo website
  3. Click on the fork symbol on the top right corner:
  4. After sometime, you should be redirected to your own forked copy of our repository.
  5. Clone that repository on your computer, and start working on it. Make the necessary changes. This is now your workspace
  6. While you have total control of the forked repository, we recommend you create a new branch with the name starting with new_test/ and followed by the test description. For example new_test/test_target suggest that you are suggesting a new_test that checks for the target directive.
  7. (Optional) Add our repo as upstream of your cloned repository, and fetch all the information git remote add upstream git fetch upstream

Submitting a pull request

Pull requests are created in your own forked copy of the repository. If you try to start the pull request on our original repository, you will get an access denied error.

Before submitting any pull request, please make sure your branch is synchronized with our master. If you added our repository to the upstream (step 7 above), use this command.

git fetch upstream
git checkout <your branch name here>
git merge upstream/master

Once you have make the necessary changes (ideally using a branch name as suggested in step 9 in the previous section), you can create your pull request. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Go to your forked repository: most likely it is something like this<username>/sollve_vv
  2. Look for the pull request option on the tabs that are on top of the source code.
  3. You will be redirected to the list of pull requests you have previously created. Click on Create pull request in green on the top right corner
  4. You will find a form. Please follow these steps:
    1. In the base repository, select our repository SOLLVE/sollve_vv.
    2. In the base branch, select master
    3. If there are changes to merge, you will see the list of commits among other information, and a new button for create pull request will appear. Click the create pull request button.
    4. Please provide appropriate Title and descriptions for your pull request. You can use the description that should be available on your file as explain in the coding standards.
  5. Click on Create Pull request. We will get notified of your pull request.

After you have submitted your pull request, comments and suggestions will be made. At this point you are responsible to respond to these comments. Once the test gets approved by more than 2 people, it will be merged into our master branch.


Thanks for contributing to our project. By contributing to our project you agree to our license agreement and allow us to use and distribute your code.