Getting Started

Before using our tests suite, please make sure that you have one or more compilers that support OpenMP offloading. Current support status can be found in the OpenMP website.

Other resources include:

Getting our test suite

Once you have a working compiler, you can access our repository and obtain all the tests that are currently available:

git clone

We have included a makefile with the source code to compile and execute the tests. This makefile contains multiple options, and it can be expanded to support other systems. Please refer to the documentation section to get more information. Following are some examples to run the tests

# Example
make CC=gcc CXX=g++ all; # using gcc, compile and run all the tests
make CC=clang CXX=clang++ compile; # Compile all the tests, output binaries will be located in the bin/ folder
make CC=clang SOURCES_C=tests/offloading_success.c all; # Compile and run tests/offloading_success.c using clang

If everything goes well you should be able to see an output similar to this:

    ====    SOLLVE PROJECT MAKEFILE   ====
Running make with the following compilers
CC = gcc version unknown
CXX = g++ version unknown

 compile: tests/offloading_success.c

 running: bin/
/home/josem/Documents/Sunita/Projects/SOLLVE/sollve_vv/sys/scripts/ bin/offloading_success.c.o
offloading_success.c.o: PASS. exit code: 0

The header always includes the CC and CXX compilers that are being used. If the execution is successful a footer similar to ====COMPILE AND RUN DONE==== should be the last line. For each tests that is run will be a compile and run outputs. Verbosity levels can be changed. Read more about this on the Documentation section

Having issues?

Please use our Github issue tracker to report any issues that you are having with out test suite