This section includes all the necessary information on how to access the testsuite.

Please consider acknowledging and citing our work. See the Acknowledge and Cite section for details on how to do it.


We use a github project to host this testsuite. If you want to check it out please use the following command.
git clone

For further information on how to use this project refer to Documentation section and Getting started section.


In accordance with our workflow. We use two different branches. One called development for tests that are currently under development and that have not pass the strict scrutiny, and a second one, the master branch, for tests that have been approved through the process and that should be correct. If using the development branch, be aware that results might be unpredictable.

Folder structure

One important design choice is the folder structure used in our testsuite. We split up infrastructure and tests into different folders. Starting at the root, there are three folders, each with a purpose. Following we describe what can be found in each folder.

Folder name Description
ompvv This folder contains files that are global to all the tests. Currently it contains the ompvv.h header file that is used with all the tests to keep an standard structure. To know more about this please refer to the ompvv header documentatio.
sys This folder contains all the infrastructure files. It is divided in four folders. 1) scripts to run the tests as well as compile the results. 2) results template, an html template for results reporting (see more in our reports documentation). 3) make definition files. Which includes the flags and options for each of the available compilers. and 4) systems folder that stores the systems definitions. Refer to new system documentation
tests This folder contains the actual tests source code. It is divided per construct and clause combinations. Inside each subfolder you will find a tests which name starts with test_ and follows by a description of the constructs and clauses that are being tests in that particular file, or by the purpose of the tests. There are some tests that are mini apps that are located within the application_kernels subfolder

After compiling and running the tests (see our documentation on how to do this), three new folders could be created:

Folder name Description
bin this folder contains the compiled binary files of the tests.
logs this folder contains the raw format log files if the LOG option was specified. Refer to Documentation for more information regarding the LOG files.
results_report this folder is created when the make rule report_html is used, and it contains an html version of the results that can be useful as an initial report. Refer to the Documentation for more information.

Issues and Contribution

For any issues please use our Github issues tracking system to report them. Please use the contribution section for more information about how to contribute to this project. If you